Step 1

Who do we already connect with?

What is the step 1?
To say thank you: for staff to identify and thank the people, groups and organisations that your care home has good relationships with.

Why do this?
It’s nice to be nice and let people know they’re appreciated. And it’s helpful to know where you’ve got good connections with your community.

By thanking them, they may wish to do more for you. What could you achieve if you got to know each other a little better?

How long will this take?
As much or as little time as you want it to – you’re in control.

It could just be a simple thank you, face to face or in a card. Or you might like to make a bit more of a fuss and invite people to come to your care home for an event or for you to go and see them. Link to ideas for event

How do we do this?
Download our helpful guide and get stuck into step one.