Step 3

Connecting with your new Friends and Neighbours

What is the step 3?
To get the message out to your community that you are interested in building new connections.

You have
+ identified your current contacts (Step 1)
+ explored ideas for new connections and what residents want from them (Step 2)

This third step is about asking, “Do you want to connect with us?”. It’s a bit like asking someone out on a date. You hope there will be chemistry, but won’t know until you ask.

Taking Step 3 means:
+ Being clear yourself about who you want to achieve
+ Thinking about the best ways to communicate to the individuals
+ Meeting your connections and exploring next steps

Why do it?
If you don’t ask you don’t get. Many people see care homes as a separate and not particularly active part of the local community. This step is about painting a different picture for them. Having good community links will help you to respond to your residents’ needs and wishes. Stronger connections will help the whole care home feel more involved with community life.

How do we do this?
Download our helpful guide and get stuck into step one.