Step 2

Pinning down the possibilities

What is step 2?

+ Who in the community could we easily connect with, but don’t (yet!)?
+ What individuals, groups and organisations might residents wish to reconnect with (having been connected with them in the past)?
+ What could the community do for us in supporting our home and responding to the little things that matter to our individual residents or relatives and staff?

What might the community support us to deliver what matters to residents?

You’re building on step one, but this time spreading the net a little wider and asking residents and relatives for their ideas too.

Why do this?
Pinning down your possible connections will help you see the range of relationships that you could develop to support your home.

Maybe they could do more for you, or you for them? What could you achieve if you got to know each other a little better?

How do we do this?
This step is about asking questions, capturing responses and then seeing what you’ve got.

Ask your residents, families and staff about the people, groups and organisations that they know who could help support the home and vice versa.

It’s about turning “If only we could…” into “I think we can!” Get your team excited about what amazing things could be achieved by making these connections (see ‘FaNs in action’ on website).

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