Remote intergenerational linking

Do you know a young person aged 5-14 who would like to engage with care home residents?

We are delighted to share with you a series of resources for remote intergenerational linking! 

(These resources have been created by My Home Life England and The Linking Network as part of the Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking Project*).

During these unprecedented times, many care homes have been forced to close their doors to visitors to protect their residents from COVID-19. Unable to see loved ones, some residents are more isolated than ever. In these challenging and uncertain times, it is even more important to promote intergenerational connections and keep young and older people connected.

Our activities are designed to be used by parents, schools, youth organisations and care homes. They promote contact between young people and older people living in care homes, even when face-to-face linking isn’t possible.

We hope these resources promote community, kindness and friendship.


  • The following resources are aimed at young people aged 5-14.
  • Please read the Notes on activities (for adults) before starting.

Pen Pals

It’s fun to make new friends! Write a letter to a care home resident and wait for them to send one back to you. You’ll learn more about each other as your pen pal friendship develops.

Our Introductory Questions help you to talk about yourself. We’ve also included some Curiosity Questions that you could ask your new friend.

Activity: Pen pals

Ideas: Introductory questions

Ideas: Curiosity questions


Skill Swap

Do you have a secret talent? Or have you always wanted to learn a new skill? Share step-by-step instructions with care home residents so they can learn a new skill from you. Maybe they’ll share something back!

We’ve suggested some ideas of skills you might like to choose from.

Activity: Skill swap

Ideas: Skill swap


One page profile

Fill in a one page profile to introduce yourself to a care home resident. One page profiles are a great way to get to know each other better and find common interests. Perhaps they’ll send one back to you!

We’ve created a template to help you get started.

Activity: One page profile

Template: One page profile


Pots of love

Decorate a pot and plant it with fast-growing seeds or bulbs. Take it to your local care home so residents can enjoy watching your colourful creation grow!

Tip – practice your design on our template first.

Activity: Pots of love

Template: Pots of love


Story exchange

Write a story for residents at your local care home to enjoy! Take a look at our ideas to give you some inspiration –  perhaps you could rewrite your favourite book, keep a lockdown diary, or base it on one of the residents themselves?

Activity: Story exchange

Ideas: Story exchange


Postcards of kindness

Write and send a postcard of kindness to a care home resident who may be feeling lonely. Your thoughtfulness will brighten their day! Check out our ideas to inspire designs for the front of the card.

Activity: Postcards of kindness

Ideas: Postcards of kindness


Word search

Puzzles are great for keeping the brain active! Create your own word search for a care home resident to enjoy and complete. You can make your own grid or use our ready-made template.

Activity: Word search

Template: Word search

Rock art

Decorate pebbles in bright colours and patterns. Take them to a care home and put them in the garden.

They will become little patches of colour and friendship when the residents look out of their windows!

Activity: Rock art


More resources will be released regularly, so please keep checking this page and please share your experiences of using them with us!

*Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking Project is an exciting national initiative from My Home Life England and The Linking Network, promoting young people’s engagement with older people living in care homes across England. The project will link schools and youth organisations with a nearby care home. 
The project is being funded by The Dunhill Medical Trust and the #iwill Fund, a joint £40M investment between The National Lottery Community Fund and the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.
More information is here and please follow us on Twitter!