About us

Join us and help us create a world where…

+ neighbours pop in to care homes to help out;
+ children laugh, listen and learn from our elders;
+ pubs, theatres, sports grounds find ways to make it easier for care homes;
+ everyone feels part of a bigger effort to help care homes be great places to live, work, visit and end one’s days.

Care Home Friends and Neighbours (Care Home FaNs) is a national project that is helping care homes to connect meaningfully with their local community to enhance the quality of life of older people and those that support them.

Our premise is very simple: Older people who are living in care homes are still members of our local communities; they deserve the same support and friendship that we would offer to older people living on our street. Yet sadly, care homes often become ‘islands of the old’. Compared to hospices, many care homes receive very little support or encouragement from their communities. Care Home FaNs would like to change this by starting a movement to cherish our local care homes.

Care Home FaNs celebrates the efforts care homes make to involve individuals, organisations, schools, youth groups and businesses – in fact every sector of our society . We have created a range of materials to help make it easier to nurture these connections. Over time, we hope that FaNs will develop and make a real difference to the lives of those living, dying, working and visiting care homes.

Our partners:

Care Home FaNs is a project created by ‘My Home Life’ in partnership with the National Activities Provider Association (NAPA). The project builds of a concept developed by ‘My Home Life Essex Community Association’ and is being tested in partnership with nine local organisations working across the UK.

My Home Life

My Home Life (MHL) is a UK-wide initiative that promotes quality of life and delivers positive change in care homes for older people. It is based on a vision for best practice that is evidence-based and relationship-centred. Our vision is a world where care homes are great places to live, die, visit and work; where care homes are:

+ Supported to deliver to their potential
+ Valued and trusted by those who work with them
+ Cherished by their local communities.

Find out more here: http://myhomelife.org.uk/


NAPA, is a national charity and membership organisation which is over 20 years old and prides itself on understanding and supporting the care sector. Everything we do is aimed at working with care homes to provide the best service for people. Our aim is to bring life, love and laughter to care settings together we can make it happen.

Find out more here: http://www.napa-activities.com/


The nine local organisations that are working alongside NAPA and MHL are;

Friends Of The ElderlyAliveBuckinghamshire QiCTAge CymruMy Care Home Fans
Reading Rooms Kinections Student Hubs